Sign Styles

Landmark Sign’s main focus has always been illuminated signage as this type of sign stands out and gets noticed.  The possibilities are endless and good signage can help establish your brand, attract new customers, generate sales and provide directions, whichever type of sign you choose.  Whatever your needs or budget Landmark Sign is fully equipped with the state of the art machinery, large format printer, computerized paint system, computer numerical control (CNC), paint booth, neon department and more.


Awnings add drama and excitement that guarantee your business will be noticed. Brighten a dull storefront; transform retail centres, restaurants, and hotels with an unlimited array of design possibilities.

Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are a popular choice for retail and commercial businesses because there are so many variations and they can be custom-made to fit a particular need or budget.

Projecting Signs

Very effective in catching your eye when limited to full frontal exposure.

Electronic Displays

Electronic displays, or "LED message centres" as they are sometimes called have fast become one of the industries hottest comunication devices.

Push-Through Signs

This system results in a very nice effect in daylight as well as at night.

Pylon Signs

Pylon or free standing signs, are a great choice for identifying your business.

Digital Printing

Our 15,000 square foot facility is fully equipped to produce every aspect involved in the construction of illuminated signs.

Fascia Signs

Provides excellent day and night exposure.

Neon Signs

Despite the development of LED technology, Neon is still alive and well and is highly effective in just about any situation.


Non-Illuminated signage can come in many different applications such as banners, wayfinding, construction site sign, wall-mounted, window graphics and more, we can build custom made signage for your company.

Temporary Signage

Have a business with a new location "Coming soon", or a opening deadline you have to meet? Temporary Signage is very useful for many reasons, and a affordable way to advertise your business.


Wayfinding signage creates a cognitive map to guide your patrons from one part of your facility to another.