Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are a popular choice for retail and commercial business's because there are so many variations and they can be custom-made to fit a particular need or budget. Contour cabinets and other design elements can be used to give your sign a unique look. Channel letter signs can be manufactured into virtually any shape and colour desirable. 

Channel Letter Sign Variations Include: Non-Illuminated, face and/or halo lit, open face, flush mounted, raceway mounted

Non Illuminated

Non illuminated, channel letters, are constructed in the same way that illuminated letters are formed, with the exclusion of the lighting component.

Face and Halo Lit

Face and halo letters, give you the most illumination that can be achieved from a channel letter application.

Face Lit

Face lit letters are the most common type of channel letters and provide magnificent day/night exposure.

Halo Lit

Halo lit letters, appear as a dimensional letter in daylight, and provide a beautiful halo effect at night.

Open Face

Open faced Channel letters are a great choice, with the high impact of the exposed neon.