Sign Retrofit - It's as easy as L-E-D!

Why use LED? Led are long-lasting, consume less power and require less maintenance. By switching to LED you will improve sustainability and boast ROI.  There are several benefits to LED; the following are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

·         Increase reliability and long life – No service calls for years!
·        Higher Initial cost to retrofit than to repair existing neon sign
·         Increase efficiency – Reduces your energy use by 85%
·         Re-use of existing cans and faces
·         Re-use of existing electrical hook-ups
·         Lower cost than purchasing a new sign
·        Neon has been around a long time and the technology is understood
·         Brighter than neon
·         Mercury free
·         Government rebate available for energy saving technologies  
·         Lower voltage reduces fire hazard